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Weekly Recap for Jan 11, 2016

Welcome back to the first weekly recap for the year 2016. It took me a few takes to get the year right, but I got it. Check the site for all CES coverage we had from Las Vegas!

QOTW: What do you think about Apple copying the F.lux app to create a core feature under the iOS brightness settings?!


Cheaper, portable Amazon Echo coming to – Amazon Echo with Alexa is a cheapish bluetooth speaker, but its restricted to one spot in a house. Most bluetooth speakers travel with consumers to the beach, shower, and office. The ‘fox’ from Amazon will hopefully include Alexa features to make a cheaper, more portable speaker appealing.

Periscope now auto plays in the Twitter app: – Periscope is an amazing service letting anyone broadcast breaking news, sports, or even their daily lives. Twitter owns the service and has a lot of integrations with the social network, but they’re adding another important integration. Now live Periscope broadcasts will stream on Twitter. The only reason you’ll need the Periscope app is to comment, heart, and broadcast on your own.

Apple iOS 9.3 includes Periscope auto-play feature: – Apple is at it again. They’re copying apps and restricting them from their services saying they break the terms of use. The F.lux app changes the color of your screen based on the time of day. The studies say blue colors in screen adversely affect your sleep cycles, and make it harder to sleep. Apple’s making the color changes a core feature of iOS 9.3 now.

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