Nexus 6P Gold Hands on from CES 2016

The Nexus 6P is hands down the best way to experience vanilla Android with all day battery, beautiful design, and a premium build. Nexus devices are closely tied to Google, but still aren’t manufacture by them. The Nexus 6P is built and manufactured by Huawei, a leading smartphone maker from China. The company announced at their CES press conference the phone would now come in a matt gold.

The color looks gold, and makes the phone pop in a sea of similar looking phones. Huawei emphasized their partnership with Google, and hinted at more Nexus devices coming in 2016. Could we see a Nexus tablet or a Nexus watch all made by Huawei?

I’ve attached photos of the gold Nexus 6P and all its beauty. Tell us in the comments below what you think about the gold Nexus 6P and if you’d pick up one now that it comes in gold!


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