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Youtube’s committed to VR and video quality

YouTube is the place to watch videos on the internet, but if you’re looking for tv shows or movies you’d go to Netflix or Hulu. YouTube’s started pushing into original content with YouTube Red. The company also focused on music over the year because they’re the easiest way to listen and share music on the internet. Youtube’s Chief Business Officer Robert Kyncl took to the CES stage to talk about Youtube’s massive growth since the last time he took the stage 4 years ago. Mr. Kyncl rung off a lot of statics of how digital video is being watched 1 hour 50 mins a day with it growing 25% year over year. He also talked about consumers cutting the cord and ditch cable completely for digital video.

We all known digital video is the most important activity online, and that’s why YouTube and digital content creators are thriving in the ecosystem. The Google owned company isn’t just hoping video from its creators will help make it a unique place. They announced support for HDR, and already support 4K, 8K and virtual reality. The VR was a big focus point when they brought GoPro CEO Nick Woodman. They talked about how YouTube helped grow the obscure camera brand to where it is today, and how 360 video for VR has been spearheaded thanks in part to special mounts for multiple GoPro’s.

Youtube will continue¬†to work to grow its community with new technology at the forefront. It’s an exciting space, and so far YouTube has ben unchallenged with user created content. Tell us in the comments below what you think about HDR support and VR becoming more accessible on the worlds largest video site!

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