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The Oculus Rift goes on pre-order for $599 and available in March

The Oculus Rift is on pre-order now for $599 and will ship in March. Originally the company announced pre-orders but didn’t give a price or ship date. A lot of people cried out saying how could they ask for pre-orders without any of that info. The pre-order site has crashed and been down since the news first hit the internet.

The Oculus Rift is the first consumer VR headset. We’ve seen Samsung’s Gear VR, but the device requires your Samsung phone and isn’t as high quality as the Oculus. The premium price tag on the Oculus isn’t high as I had thought, but it’s still a hefty amount if they want everyone to own one of these headsets. Oculus said the price would be premium for a little, and drop down to more reasonable amounts in a few weeks.

Oculus has a booth at CES, and we’ll drop by to test out the newest headset. They’ve made improvements since the last time I’ve had it on. The Rift doesn’t make people as sick as before, and they’ve managed to make the graphics look better. The content is coming out for VR too. At CES alone, hundreds of VR 360 degrees have been launched. VR could still be a bust if the price doesn’t come down in the near future. They’ll also need a breakaway must have game or movie hit the VR market to draw in normal consumers.

Tell us in the comments below what you think about the Price of the Oculus Rift and if you’ll pre-order one now!