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LG Signature home appliances

LG announced and showed off their new collection of premium products named LG Signature. The line will expand through 2016 but they current sport a washer all in one, Ultra OLED 4K Tv, air purifier, and a fridge. They’re premium applicants will include a stove top and smart dishwasher.

LG and Google are working closely together to bring more IoT devices to the market, and they’re developing them openly. Meaning you’ll have the chance to use a LG smart washer with the Nest or have the fridge work with Brillo or Weaves platform. This while a minor announcement means a lot for the IoT market that has become fragment with everyone from Google to Lowes having their own platform that works separate of others.

The Ultra OLED is only 2.74 mm thin, only 4 credit cards stack onto one another. The self lining technology in OLED has allowed LG to create one of the wordless thinnest TV’s that also has the backing of NASA. The TV doesn’t skimp on the speakers either. The speakers are apart of the base and feature enough base you won’t need to add another sound bar to get high quality sound. The speakers can also fold behind the TV to wall mount it. However, I would recommend place the TV in the middle of the room as the back of the screen can show art work or other images. The TV is amazingly beautiful, but once the price tag hits I don;’t think anyone will be able to afford the Ultra OLED 4K TV.

The Washer/Dyer, fridge, and air purifier are a little less interesting but they’re all connected to the internet. The Fridge can tell you the temp, energy usage, and other information. The washer/dyer all-in-one features water usage tracking along with the ability to start loads and schedule some from your phone. They’re all higher devices so I don’t expect many people to go out and grab them right away but they’re the start of the IoT trend for everyone.

LG also spoke about their car technology with bringing immersive heads up displays along with technology to allow cars to talk to each other. LG ins’t new to the car market, and in fact they’ve been supplying infotainment systems to a lot of companies for oner 10 years.

We’ll have more pictures and videos from the press conference once we get to faster more reliable wifi.

Tell us in the comments below what you think about the Ultra OLED 4K TV and if you’d buy it if the price was right!