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Huawei introduces new phones, watches, & tablets

Huawei in the united states may best be known for their Nexus devices made in partnership with Google. Those devices aren’t the core of their business nor what they’re sole focused on. The company has been focused on growth and name resonation in their home country China along with a dozen other European and Latin countries. The company grew explosively over the past year with an increase of 70% over last year. They’ve shipped over a 100 million smartphones and now hold 9.7% of the smartphone market, compared to Samsung’s 28.3% and Apple’s 11.8%. The company unveiled a new Mate 8 smartphone, Medicaid M2 tablet, and two smartwatches geared towards women.

First the Mate 8 smartphone is beautiful, and has stunning specs and battery life. The 6 inch screen doesn’t feel bigger than pervious phones because of the smaller bezels. The phone is actually the same size as the Mate 7. The phone features a octal-core 2.3 GHz process that sips on the battery even with all its power. Huawei claims the phone can get 2.35 days, DAYS!, of battery life. There’s a quick charge feature built in that’s capable of charing the device for a full day in 30 mins flat. The camera has a 16 MP Sony sensor with OIS technology to prevent shaking. The phone is stunning and comes in a unique mocha brown, maybe Huawei will┬ástart a new trend, but isn’t available in the United States yet. The company declined to comment on a date or time frame for the United States launch.

The Medicaid M2 was announced but greatly glazed over by the company. They focused on the immersive sound from the 4 speakers. A first for an Android tablet of its kind, and something different from many companies. Apple and Samsung have both taken at marketing their tablets as professional devices, but Huawei made their tablet a consumption device verse a work horse. The tablet sports a finger print reader, and has a stylus that can write on the screen like paper.

The smartwatch from Huawei was an answer to a lot of consumer feedback. The new watches the Elegant and Jewel are geared to woman, and feature watches with designs and diamonds from Swarovski. The watches is Android powered, and features on watch calling. The Elegant starts at $499 and the Jewel starts at $599. If they’re designed and built the same as other Huawei watches they could be some of the best options for women who want a stylish Android watch.

Lastly Huawei announced the Nexus 6P will be available in gold. They also mentioned that Google’s their biggest partnership, and that the two would work closely together in 2016.

Tell us in the comments below what you think of the new devices and which one you’re the most excited for. Personally I love the watch, but for the price I would opt in getting my girlfriend a Pebble Time Round which works with any phone and is much more reasonable.


2 responses to “Huawei introduces new phones, watches, & tablets”

  1. Huawei came out of nowhere with all these devices last and this year. Very impressed with the Nexus 6P thus far, and was definitely considering the Huawei Watch.