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Griffin announces a BreakSafe to USB C adaptor

Griffin BreakSafe

USB C is meant to unify devices across any platform whether it’s an iPhone, Samsung device, or laptop. The problem with the new standard is when someone trips or tugs on the charging cable the cable and device go along with it. Apple’s used their MagSafe charger which uses magnets to break away when pulled or someone trips on the cable. On the new Macbook the MagSafe was left in favor of USB C.

“USB-C is the universal port that does it all by being the first common connector across all electronic devices. As more and more devices begin to use USB-C connections, users will be looking to bridge the gap between their new technology and the gadgets they’ve grown to love,” said Rick Kennedy, Cables Category Manager at Griffin. “Our latest accessories do just that by providing affordable solutions for both new and existing technologies.”

USB-C has already replaced the ports on not only the new Macbook, but Chromebook Pixel and hundreds if not thousands of other laptops, phones, and tablets. Griffin’s new BreakSafe Magnetic USB-C Power Cable only is $39.99, cheap compared to some Apple charging cables. The cable went on sale and promptly sold out on the Griffin store.

The cable should still accomplish all the same as a normal USB-C cable, with blistering speeds and being able to charge any device large or small. With the price not being a wallet shock this could be a great alternative for anyone who’s prone to tripping or pulling on their charging cables by accident.

Tell us in the comments below if you’re going to try to grab on in the near future!


3 responses to “Griffin announces a BreakSafe to USB C adaptor”

  1. I am ready backed a project that’s shipping now, they make a connector that does the same thing but it’s a fraction of the size and has a status light and works on usb-c Lightning, and usb-micro. It’s called ZNAPS!

      • Actually after ZAPS was funded (3 million) there have been clones even in there design, but the thing is ZAPS has patens on the design and function of the 2 parts. Thats why they are making a cable, to try and get a way from it as ZAPS just goes on any cable you have now. I can’t wait to get it. Will be nice on my dock to just place and have it charging. 🙂