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Our CES Show Coverage

CES 2016 is only a few days away now, and soon I’ll board a plane and fly from San Antonio to Las Vegas Nevada to cover the yearly conference. The conference is the largest consumer technology show year, and companies big and small gather to try to predict what’s going to become a trend in 2016. It’s a massive event with companies from Samsung to Ford showing off their new technology to the press.

We can expect a lot out of CES this year, but not everything will pan out or even get out of CES. We often see product announcements from the event, than we never see the product again. The vaporware is often creative but the companies don’t know how to deliver to a mass market, especially after coverage from thousands of outlets. A lot of products to make it to market from the event though. They’re smart TVs, 4K TVs, set-top boxes, cases, drones, and wearables.

CES is an amazing event, even though the majority of the tech press always says they hate the event. Think about this. Everyone in the technology sphere gather together for a few days to show what they have up their sleeves for 2016! It gives us a glimpse of where Samsung may head, or what new startup is looking promising. The event is the crystal ball of the tech world.

We’ll be in Las Vegas from Jan 4th to 9th. If you’re at CES or want to meet shoot us a tweet @digitalbounds or tweet me @leonhitchens. I’ll be on Periscope live streaming some of the conference, and I’ll also be on Snapchat for behind the scenes on my trip and the show floor!