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Samsung Smart TV’s are now hubs of IoT devices

With CES around the corner we can expect brighter, more colorful, and sharper smart TVs from Samsung. We’ll likely also see new IoT (Internet of Things) devices from the company that work with the company’s Smart Things platform. Now if you’ve purchased a new smart TV from Samsung this year, Samsung is going to make your last generate TVĀ obsolete.

The company confirmed all of theirĀ 2016 SUHD TVs will become a Smart Things hub, meaning these new TVs will control over 200 IoT devices. The TVs will become hubs to control your thermostats, lights, and other devices connected. Anything sold with Smart Things support should work, and will all be on your TV to control.

The TV will come with a pre-installed Smart Things app to control all your devices locally. The new TVs will come with usb dongle nicknamed “SmartThings Extend” that will plug into the back of your TV and allow your TV to communicate with your IoT. The notifications for when the front or back door opens up could be shown on screen, or your security camera could show when someone enters a zone. All these notifications can be shown while watching your prime time tv show.

Do you have a smart TV from Samsung? Tell us if you would you buy or upgrade to a Smart TV that supports the SmartThings devices in the comments below!