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Pebble Software and Pebble Health

I’ve loved the Pebble since the first Kickstarter, and even covered them during the Pebble Pajama Jam party at SXSW. The company’s Pebble Time smartwatch changed the smartwatch category with their new timeline operating system. The timeline operating system is now on the Pebble Classic and Pebble steel for everyone’s enjoyment. Along with the timeline becoming backwards compatible, Pebble’s introduced their own fitness tracking – Pebble Health.


The timeline going to the classic and steel is a huge change, because Pebble OS is supposed to differentiate their own watches from other smartwatches from Samsung or Apple. The timeline OS works more like a timeline versus a list of apps or information. The timelines show game scores, up coming events, texts, and other notifications based on time within the timeline. This provides users information at a glance vs having to open apps to check football game scores.

The biggest update is the Pebble Health being added to the Pebble Time series of watches natively. The health tracking works with Google Fit or Apple HealthKit, and doesn’t require another app on your phone. Pebble notes you’re still able to use Misfit’s or Jawbone’s fitness app. The fitness tracking was developed in part with Stanford Wearable Tech Lab. The health tracking tracks steps and sleeping, but the other tracking features are endless. Developers will have a health API so they can integrate data  with their apps and third party hardware.

Tell us in the comments down below what you think about the new Pebble Health app, and if you own a Pebble.

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