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Google’s trying to kill passwords

Passwords are terrible. Users reuse them over and over, share them, and give them away in phishing attacks. Google’s apparently working on a way to use your smartphone to login to Google account. The idea’s already been implemented at Yahoo.

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The app requires you to type your password in then you won’t have to ever remember the password. From there, when you want to login to a new device you’ll go to the app to approve a login. The app shows what device and allows you to approve or deny the login. If your concerned about security you’re able to set up two step authentication. The security works by showing a number on your device, and you’ll need to match it up with the numbers on your phone. This ensure the two devices are together and someones not remotely manipulating the system.

This login feature require you to always have your phone, but that’s not a problem with modern culture. There are other problems and questions like ‘what happens if I lose my phone’, ‘what if I don’t have internet’, or ‘what happens if my phone dies or if my phones around’? There are ways around like using your password, backup codes, and there’s always the option of using another device.

The access is random and requires an invite. Google hasn’t acknowledged the new feature, nor commented when a public beta would roll out to users. Reddit user “p1226” was the first one to report access, and test out the new security feature for Google.

Tell us in the comments below if you’d use the password-less sign in option on Google?

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