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Minecraft’s biggest console update

Minecraft dropped a new update for consoles, 1.8.8. The update is another expansion to the growing complexity of Minecraft. The update available for the Xbox One and PS4, but not on the Wii U as the console got the game yesterday.

The update includes new biomes, mobs, blocks, and three new eggs for creative mode. The new biomes, Roofed Forest and Deep Ocean look amazing and shake up the normal maps that we’ve come costumed. The Deep Ocean biome looks the most exciting with the ‘Elder Guardian” and ‘Ocean Monument’, but the only way to reach the Deep Ocean biome is with the new “potion of water breathing.”

The two biomes that I listed are only a handful of the 9 new biomes to explore. Mojang published a full article breaking down the updates, and to help save bandwidth they put all the new updates in list form. The exhaustive list doesn’t do the update justice, and the only way to experience the update is to play. Fire up your Xbox One or PS4 to explore all the new blocks, biomes, mobs, and other features they’ve update.

Tell us what you think of the update once you have a little time to play it in the comments down below!


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