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Google to make driverless cars an Alphabet company

The Google moonshot project for autonomous cars is reportedly going to be spun off into a “stand-alone business under the Alphabet Inc corporate umbrella.” While we may still all refer to the project as Google Cars, the new company could get a new name, logo, and leadership.

Google taking this project to a standalone business would allow the self driving cars to grow up, even though they look like cars children would play with. The self driving cars have a lot of government hurdles to over come to allow more of these cars out on the roads. The lobby needed would let Google stay out of the conversation, but still have some technology and development go into the cars.

Alphabet is ready to take the self driving car business to the next level, and Uber may be its first target. Many speculate Google’s self driving cars will serve as a form of service, instead of buying one and owning it for 5 or 6 years.

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