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Thumbprint radio is a personalized radio station on Pandora

Pandora introduced Thumbprint radio which is a rip off what YouTube is doing with their new YouTube Music app. The YouTube Music app plays music based on your past likes, giving you a highly personalize radio station. Now Pandora is doing the same idea, and with 10 years of likes. It’s unique to each person, and as a song plays, the date when it was last thumbed up is displayed.

To prevent a jolt of old music from 10 years ago Pandora’s only going to surface music you’ve like from the past 5 months. The station does a great job of creating a station with a wide mix of music I’ve liked in the past years. It managed to change genres with ease and bring up some great songs I loved to listen to years ago. It did bring up music that I’ve listen to in the early Pandora days, and don’t really care for anymore. Pandora lets me thumb down or thumb up any song on the thumbprint radio so it can better create a station for me.

Hopefully your music taste hasn’t change widely over the past 10 years, and hopefully you’ve thumbed up and down songs you do and don’t like. Pandora says close to 93 million users will see their thumbprint radio station today. That number is only a fraction of their 300 million registered users, but larger than their 78 million active monthly users. If you’re an active user of Pandora there’s a likely chance you have the radio station ready in your library.

Now the kids music, classical or holiday music you’ve thumbs up on Pandora will be excluded from playing on this radio. The company believes this isn’t something most users want to listen to all the time in their personalized radio stations.

Tell us in the comments below if you’ve started up your Thumbprint station in Pandora today!

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