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Cheero Power Plus 3 Review

External batteries are shitty. They are bulky, weigh a lot, and are ugly. The Cheero Power Plus 3 isn’t much different from other power banks. The Cheero does feature a larger battery in a smaller frame, but it’s still on the larger in. You won’t be able to put the Cheero in your pocket, but instead you’ll need to have a backpack or purse.

A massive 13,400mAh battery is packed inside it, but still remains smaller than other batters that size. The battery will charge your iPhone almost 8 times, charge an iPad, or even your Macbook via USB C. There are two 5-volt USB ports–a 2.4amp and a 1amp USB port. You also have your standard micro-USB port in-between the two for charging the portable battery bank.

The battery bank takes a long time to charge. I mean a long time. A really long time. The battery took almost 9 hours to charge fully, and even then it really wasn’t at a %100. On one hand it was annoying to have a device take so long to charge, but with 8 charges for your iPhone 8 to 9 hour charge isn’t that bad.

The bank is built to last, is a great battery to take on a long trip. It’s a hefty, well built battery that doesn’t look like any old brick. It has curved edges, comes in only white. While the white will get dirty quickly it looks sleek, and better than other options I’ve seen from other power banks.

Overall the power bank idea is an ugly and bulky fix for our phones batters not lasting the day. Apple has acknowledged this problem with the sale of their own power case for $99. If phones would become slightly larger to accommodate larger batteries phone OEM’s could kill these power banks. In the mean time we’ll have these broken fixes for a larger problem.

The power bank is solution to a larger problem of phones packing in features and innovating in every other way but not improving the battery to keep up with demand. The Cheero uses high quality battery tech to make a smaller bank, and for long usage of your battery pack. I’d recommend this battery pack to anyone who puts their phone in their purse or backpack, but if your phones constantly in your hand like mine I’d say pass on this handy battery pack.

Tell us in the comments below what you think about the Cheero battery pack and if you’d buy the device for you or a friend!

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