Instagram rolls out support for multiple accounts

Instagram never supported mutiple accounts, and you may ask ‘why would someone need more than one Instagram account?’ People like me! I use my personal Instagram, than I either need to sign out and back into my other account or carry around another device. It’s a hassle, but Instagram is fixing the issue like Google, Twitter, and other companies have added in support for more than one account.

The new feature, first outlined by Droid Life, works in a very simple manner. You’re able to switch accounts by heading to the profile page and hitting a drop down menu in the left corner. You’re able to add three, four, five accounts, or as many accounts as you manage. The update doesn’t allow users to post images or videos to more than one account, but its a step towards the right direction.

The update is apart of the latest beta (v7.12.0), but I’ve yet to receive the switch on my Nexus 5 like Droid Life or Android Police have seen. The switch could be a server side switch, but Instagram is working slowly to push this out to their users. The multiple account support is limited to Android, and no one’s report any multiple account support from iOS yet.

Twitter has support multiple accounts for years now, and your able to manage more than one Facebook page. Hopefully the next company to allow multiple accounts is Snapchat. They have thousands of users who manage snapchat accounts for business, and overtime they need to switch accounts they have to log out and into another.

Tell us in the comments below if you’d add more than one account to the app once support rolls out for everyone.


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