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2015 Gift Guide: Gifts Under $100

It’s the time of year you’re searching for the best gifts to give your friends, family, and coworkers. Black Friday and Cyber Monday is quickly approaching, but you still don’t have any great gift ideas? No problem! I’ve done my research based on what I’ve thought the best devices are, and some advice from friends and family to pick the top 5 gift ideas under $100.

On the top of my list I have recommended the newest Chromecast from Google. The device is only $35, but is almost as powerful and useful as the $149 Apple TV. We all have the friends who binge watch Netflix shows or go on benders of YouTube videos. This is the perfect device for them, because they don’t have to worry about losing the remote or what to watch next. Everything’s controlled directly from the Chromecast app or within apps like Netflix or YouTube. And the Chromecast is so easy to set up and use, you can give it to everyone from your grandparents to your techie best friend.

The second gift on my list is the Misfit Flash. It’s for that one person who’s always working out, going for a long walk or wondering how long they slept last night. The Misfit Flash is also able to track everything from soccer to yoga! On top of all those features it’s only $29.99 through Amazon, which is even less than the Chromecast. The device is water-resistant to 30m, meaning your giftie won’t have to ever take off their new fitness tracker! The app to collect and sync all the data from the Flash works on iOS and Android, so nearly everyone you give this too will be able to use it.

The third gift idea is gear towards a certain person we may all know: This person may want a drone, and we all know they can cost upwards of $600 starting out, so to get their feet wet start them out with a Sky Viper Drone. This little guy lets anyone get the feel and understanding how hard flying a real drone can be. It’s only $30 from Amazon, and can do some pretty cool tricks once they get the hang of flying it. It also lets them learn how to fly before they make a huge investment in a larger drone.

The fourth gift idea could be given to anyone who drives, or as a hint to someone who has a lead foot. The Automatic Driving car adapter is able to read and relay information about your car directly to your smartphone, so if you have a check engine light on the Automatic app, available for iOS or Android, will give you a read out of the possible problem. The device is a little pricier than other gift ideas on here, but for peace of mind $99 isn’t too much. The device also tracks drivers speed and lets out little audio warnings to let them know they’re going a little faster than they should. In the scenario  you do get in an accident the device and app will tell your loved ones and a live agent will be there for help.  So the gift may be a great idea for a new driver or even anyone you love.

The fifth and last gift idea is the Amazon Fire Tablet, and yes I’m talking about the new $49 one. The tablet a great idea for any little who’s prone to accident, or even someone who loses or misplaces their devices often. The Fire tablet is a solid device considering the low price, but it’s more than enough to watch Netflix or look up some recipes in the kitchen. The device is closely tied to Amazon Prime, which means you could even tie the gift in with a year of Prime if you wanted to.


All these gift ideas are great fits for almost anyone, and all for less than $100 is even better for you. While my stand out pic is the Chromecast, because almost everyone on your gift list watches TV, I’d love to hear what you’re buying for your friends or family in the comments below!

Oh and when Christmas rolls around don’t forget to share the priceless stories and pictures of your giftie opening their presents!

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