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Facebook’s making it easier to breakup

Dating in 2015 isn’t easy, with social media always complicating things when you decide to break it off with someone. Facebook is testing a feature to soften the breakup, but going as far as unfriending the girlfriend or boyfriend.

Facebook is piloting a set of features on mobile that will allow you to limit the amount of content that is shown to your exes and vice versa, it announced in a blog post Thursday. The feature allows you to limit post and other content from your ex without blocking or unfriending them.

when you change your relationship status, you’ll have the option to limit the number of status updates, pictures and videos of the person in question. That person’s name will also no longer appear in suggested people to message or tag. Facebook will also let you untag yourself automatically from photos, and limit the visibility of pictures with your ex in them.

Ending a relationship in today’s world isn’t easy. While you may never see your ex again in public, their social profiles may pop up and haunt you till you block or completely remove them. The companies giving users options to help them manage their profiles when a hard time hits their lives, and they’ve already taken steps to help loved ones claim accounts of users who have passed away. Facebook is becoming more important in our lives, and a way for people to remember us, so helping during a break up isn’t that bad of an idea.

The feature is being test with us smartphone users, and once feedback starts rolling in from users the company plans to start rolling the feature out worldwide. Tell us in the comments below what you think about Facebook offering these options when you go from in a relationship to single.