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Thursday’s Xbox One update you can play 104 Xbox 360 games

The Xbox One is getting backwards compatibility Thursday, thanks to a system update. The new feature is a small part of a large update to the Xbox One experience. The major part of the update is the new dashboard, which changes to whole Xbox experience to focus more on your friends. The update allows you to play 104 games starting out including titles like Fallout 3, Fable IIShadow ComplexMs. ‘Splosion Man, and a few others. 

The list should start to grow in December when Microsoft and game developers add support for games like Halo ReachHalo WarsCall of Duty: Black OpsSkate 3 and all three BioShock games. You can see the full list of support games below!

Xbox One Backwards games

Tell us in the comments below if you’re excited to play some of your Xbox 360 games in the comments below!

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