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Instagram wants to be like Snapchat and Twitter Moments

Snapchat has seen wild success with its popular live stories around the world, Instagram now wants a piece of the action. A new feature popped up on the top of users timelines featuring a live story around videos from users who used popular Halloween hashtags.

In a statement to Re/Code, Instagram said live stories like yesterday’s is “just the start” for these type of live stories. The company wants to make it easier to find interesting content and share it with yours friends and family. The upperhand Instagram has over Snapchat is, Instagrams videos are easier to share and last forever on the service. The live story was curated by Instagram employees manually throughout the day.

The interesting part of the story was it only featured videos, even though the service has thousands of high quality photos. We could expect to see more live stories like yesterday’s on the service, though they’ll hopefully feature photos. Instagram’s live stories could become more popular than Snapchat’s because their stories are easily sharable across other platforms.

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