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Android laptops reportedly coming next year

There’s been rumors for a while now that Google would merge their Android OS with ChromeOS, but now it looks like Google is working towards the goal by 2017. An anonymous source told Re/Code, Google won’t force companies who are now building ChromeOS devices to transition to Android devices. However, a Wall Street Journal reports the two systems will become one operating system. The companies start making moves to make a transition easier, but making Chrome more independent from ChromeOS.

Google also introduced the Pixel C, an Android powered device that comes in a tablet and laptop form factor – much like the Surface or iPad Pro. Other manufactures like HP & Lenovo have tried to make Android laptops, but they never have caught on. Now Google thinks the markets changed and shifted towards wanting their mobile OS and laptop OS to work similarly and connect.

Android for the tablet experience is terrible because Android doesn’t have real multitasking, a lot of productivity apps, or apps that support larger screens. The idea of ChromeOS and Android being merged is a bit of a mixed bag for us as we think the laptop should be powerful, and without apps like Office or even Photoshop a laptop can be pretty useless. We’re guessing a combined OS would have real multitasking and side by side apps along with more real operating system features.

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