Instagram introduces Boomerang to take on Apple live photos

Apple’s live photos is limited to iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, but an app from Instagram creates short 1 second videos on any device. The new app is a line of apps like Hyperlapse, Layout, and now Boomerang which all work in conjunction to create better and more creative content for Instagram.

The app is a simple way to create GIF like video with a click. Like Apple’s Live photos just point the camera at any moving person or object to create a short video. The video will be saved directly to the phone’s photo album than easily shared to Facebook and Instagram. The apps meant to work like Hyperlapse or Layout, and compliment Instagram. They’re editing tools for power users who want to create collages, hyperlapse videos, and now short one second GIF like videos.

Boomerang doesn’t let users follow each other, see a feed, but instead opens straight to the camera to create a GIF video. The only purpose is to create content to share on other social networks like Facebook and Instagram. The apps another addition to the tools from Instagram, and can become a useful tool to make your social profile pop.

You can grab the app from either the Google Play store or the App store for free. Tell us if you’re going to share these one second videos on Instagram or Facebook in the comments below!


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