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Tag Heuer Connected will reportedly cost $1,800

The Tag Heuer Connected, the swiss watch makers first smartwatch, will debut at the LVMH Tower in New York City on November 9th. The watch is designed very closely to the Tag Carrera, and will cost $1,800, according to a interview with Tag CEO Jean-Claude Biver on CNBC last month. The watch is appealing to fashion conscious consumers who wanted a higher end Apple Watch, but didn’t like the style or appeal of the new watch design.

Tag Heuer felt considenfident after Apple started selling their Apple Watches at $17,000. “We were a little bit concerned about the price, because we’re going to sell it at $1,800 … and now we are quite reassured because Apple is telling us we can sell at $1,500 or even more,” Biver told CNBC. “I’m very, very pleased.” Apple is partnered with Hermes for leather Apple Watch straps, and we could see other partnerships with watch companies for accessories.

Tag partnered with Google last year to bring the first luxury watch to market, with a little help from Intel for the chip. The watch doesn’t have any specs yet, or what features Tag will include. Tag may take a page from many Android handset makers and heavily skin their Android Wear watch. The skin may appeal to the clientele that Tag has, but still want a smartwatch like an Apple Watch.

Tell us if you’d buy a Tag Heuer Connected over some of the higher end Apple Watches in the comments below!

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