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Google could be on stage at tomorrow’s Microsoft event

According to a report from a W4Phub Google may take the stage at Microsoft’s big event tomorrow. This is huge news considering the two companies are direct competitors, and aren’t exactly known to work together. Google is supposed to bring YouTube, Hangouts, Google Play Music and Google Voice apps to Windows 10. It would be a huge win for the Windows store who doesn’t have that many real apps that are useful.

If Google also works to make the Windows apps cross platform we could see Google apps on Windows phones in the near future. It’s a win for users who cannot live without the Google suite of apps, or who hate using the web browser for accessing all the apps. The new apps could also replace cortana with Google Now, which would be amazing and open up the Windows platform to being more customized based on what you use.

The change would make Windows 10 more appealing to users and in term developers who would create even more apps that users have been lusting over. While Google and Microsoft may be on good terms it may not happen, but we’ll have to see at tomorrows event.

Tell us in the comments below if you’d like to see Google apps on Windows 10, or if you’d be happy just using the browser to access your Google services.

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