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Nest opens up to third-party developers

Getting devices connect on your smart home can frustrating, but Nest wants to prevent you from the headache and pain of setting up your IoT. Nest introduced ‘Weave’, an ad-hoc network system that works with Nest, and it’s open to third-party developers.  The company is also introducing APIs for the Nest Cam with basic camera controls and access to motion and sound events.


Joining the program with Philips and Mimo are a collection of other companies and products, including the August smart lock, the web-connected Skybell and the new Yale smart lock. There’s a marketplace for works with Nest devices, and will expand as more developers integrate their devices with Nest. It’s interesting to see Nest working as a separate company and not integrate Nest products with Google’s Project Brillo, which is also another ad-hoc network for IoT.

Weave also adds a layer of built-in encrypted security, so hackers can’t enter the house by exploiting the smart garage door. This has been a major concern over the few past years since the rise of IoT. Security breaches from cars to banks have become common, and as more devices in the house are connected to the internet it’s becoming increasingly easy to spy on anyone.  By adding Weave as an ad-hoc network for devices it removes one of the pain points found in IoT. “We’ve never believed in hubs. Nest Weave is a very organic mesh network that extends is own range as you add devices,” said Greg Hu, senior manager of the Nest platform.

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