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Twitter “Buy” buttons open to everyone

Twitter, with the help of payment startup Stripe,  is expanding the Twitter buy buttons so any business can sell their products via Tweets. Stripe held an event in San Francisco introducing a new product today called Relay, which allows any online retailer to sell their products on third-party apps like Twitter.

Relay is a new API that streamline the buying and selling process for retailers and developers. “For stores, you can use Relay to enable instant purchases in third-party mobile apps,” the company wrote in a statement. “For app developers, Relay is a set of APIs for building great in-app buying experiences. People can buy products directly within your app rather than getting pushed to third-party websites.”

Twitter’s buy button has always been powered by Stripe, but the new roll out of the their new tools mean more products being sold on the app. The new tools aren’t limited to the Twitter app. Developers can use Stripes tools to sell their products on apps like Twitter or Pinterest.

Stripe powers startups including Instacart, Lyft, TaskRabbit and Postmates. They’re building a streamlined checkout process that could rivals Amazon’s one click checkout process. The company’s valued at well over $5 billion, and is the leading provider for payment online or in apps.

Tell us what you think about Stripes new Relay API along with how you feel about the increase of buy buttons on Twitter.

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