Android’s Camera v3.0 takes on Apple’s live photos

Apple’s iPhone camera, hands down, is the best smartphone camera on the market. Android phones like the Galaxy S6 have come close to the same quality, but what Android has lacked in camera quality it’s made up with great cloud storage and editing tools. Google Photos automatically creates collages, gifs of photos, and amazing videos of pictures and videos taken from an event. Now it looks like Google’s taking its aim at Apple’s new iPhone 6S features. An APK teardown from Android Police show some new features that directly compete with Apple’s.

The v3.0 camera update includes a feature call “smart burst,” which technically creates a gif.Google already offers similar features in Google Photos, but now they’re baking them right into the camera app. The update is also a direct stab at Apple who announced Live Photos, which essentially are gifs but take up twice the space. The camera app also includes settings called “Photo Booth” and “Group Smiles.” The update will hopefully bring software improvements to the quality of photos. The update v3.0 should roll out around the time Android 6.0 Marshmallow starts hitting Nexus devices.

Android handsets have featured amazing specs, Google’s full suite of apps, and are beautifully design. However, many technology geeks have strayed away from these Android phones because of the poor camera quality. If the new Nexus devices, which will be announced Sept. 29, feature great cameras we could see more people switching from the iPhone.

Tell us in the comments below what you think about Apple’s new Live Photos feature, along with how you feel about Google straight out copying the feature.


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