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Apple announces iPhone 6S and 6S Plus with 3D Touch

Apple announced the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus at the San Francisco event yesterday. The phone takes the same design cues as the iPhone 6, but adds a new color into the mix and uses new stronger 7000 Aluminium. While we knew almost everything Apple was going to announce before hand it was still a surprising event with little tidbits we didn’t know yet. “The only thing that’s changed is everything,” Tim Cook said.

The phones come in silver, gold, space gray and rose gold (Looks more pink than gold). The new 7000 Aluminium is also stronger than the iPhone 6 Aluminium, meaning the phone won’t bend as easily as the 6 did in people’s front and back pockets.  The iPhone 6s has the same size 4.7-inch screen as last year, and features 3D touch which is essentially Force Touch from the Apple Watch. 3D touch recognizes different pressure from your fingers, and Apple is calling it “the next generation of multitouch.” Like the Apple Watch 3D touch supports “peek” and “pop”. If you lightly press you’ll see a “peek” of information, but if you press harder you’ll get a “pop” menu with more options and choices.

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The processor was also upgraded to the A9, and features an always on M9 processor. The A9 is offers 90% faster graphics, and CPU performance is 70% faster from the iPhone 6. Apple has also improved the industry leading camera on the iPhone. The rear facing camera is 12 megapixels that focuses on skin tone and color accuracy. The camera is able to shoot 4K video, and has 50 percent more pixels than before. The front facing camera is now 5 megapixels and sports a True Tone Retina flash, which will use the display instead of a traditional flash (Think how Snapchat uses the screen for a front facing flash).

Now the part everyone really cares about because you’re probably saying shut up and throwing money at your computer. The iPhone 6S and 6S Plus will be available for pre-order on September 12, and then go on sale September 25. IF you want to use a two year contract the phones will keep the traditional pricing method of $199 starting out, but Apple also introduced a new payment plan similar to leasing the phone that starts out at $32 a month. The leasing plan is a loan, so a credit check will be needed, but includes Apple Care+ for all your warranty and accidental problems.

Tell us if you’re excited to use 3D Touch or if the camera is the most appealing update to the iPhone in the comments down below!