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Twitter clutters up the timeline with recommendations on followers

Twitter’s cluttering up your timeline with more nonsense that users don’t want to see. Twitter will now recommend more users to follow based on interactions, tweets, and who you currently follow right on your main timeline. It’s now front and center to always remind you that you should follow more accounts, and share more content within their walled gardens. I do occasionally drift over to check out who I should follow and who may on Twitter and in my contacts, but I don’t want to always have it shoved at me.

Twitter will of course show promoted accounts to follow, so I assume at least one account each time will feature a account that’s being promoted. Twitter is looking for more ways to generate revenue and keep new users interacting and active on the site.  The recommendations might work great for new users or users who are just getting off their feet, but as you age with the service you start to unfollow a lot of accounts.

Twitter is doing this to keep investors happy, make more money, and hopefully gain more users. The internet however doesn’t like change and has been talking more about how Twitter’s app isn’t all that great. Many users have pointed to third party Twitter clients like Tweetbot on iOS, or the hundreds of others that don’t serve ads or these recommend followers.

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