Instagram now supports more then square photos

Since Instagram’s launch 5 years ago and Facebook’s billion dollar purchase of the company, the app has only supported square photos. This meant landscape or portrait photos need to be cropped, and many times you had to crop out friends or the best part of the views. There were small work arounds with screenshotting the photo then uploading up or using special college tools to get the whole photo up.

The app recently started supporting uploads of high qaulity photos, and is now supporting the uploads of landscape and portrait-shaped photos.The update rolled out to iOS and Android users today!

The added support for the landscape and portrait photos makes the platform more flexible for sharing all your photos in their full glory. Instagram may support these new formats but within the apps camera they still only allow square photos to be taken. The company is telling users that square photos and videos are the default and beloved method of sharing your memories.

Instagram is coming with more customization like unique filters, college apps, and now these new photo format’s. It’s to appeal to the power users but also keep the main stream user feeling happy. Now if Instagram could add support for quick switching between multiple accounts that would be super helpful!

Tell us what you think about this added support for landscape and portrait photos in the comments down below!


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