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Minecraft is changing the way you fight in the game

Minecraft has evolved from its simple begin and is becoming ever more advanced with more crafting options and now a new way to battle foes.  The games becoming more confusing with each update, and is even adding a story to the game. Minecraft is something you’re able to jump into play for a few minutes or a few hours with friends and family that normally wouldn’t play video games. Now Mojang is making Minecraft something that more resembles a game like GTA where there’s a story line but a massive world where you can explore and customize your experience.

The developer has released a test snapshot build of version 1.9. You’re still able to click away at the zombies or your friends till you break the mouse, but the other more efficient method is click and charge. This means less clicking and more building your house or playing the adventure mode, or the soon to be released story mode. Redditor, Mr_Simba, did some investigation, and it takes 22 clicks to kill a zombie with an iron sword. It only takes four charged attacks to kill the Zombie, which makes the old click method seem useless.

While combat has seemed old school and many have complained how it was an after thought. The game overall took simple ideas and threw them together to make a multimillion dollar game that gamers of all ages play together. Minecraft has jumped from only being on your PC to consoles a few years back, and now Microsoft is working to allow everyone on any device to play together.

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