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Google Photos wants to bring up old pictures

Google Photos is already a powerhouse with unlimited photo storage, automating GIf’s, and creating collages magically from photos you’ve taken a store with Google. Google is adding another trick that makes Google Photos more appealing to users who like to remember old photos they’ve taken. The company has added a feature to “rediscover” old photos from on that day a year ago.

You have to opt in to use this feature, but once you have you’ll see the old photos from a year ago on your assist tab where you can easily share with friends or on social media. Many tech blogs and users have said that Google has borrowed Timehop’s core feature of resurfacing photos from the year before. The only advantage Google has is the photos being surface are the ones users may have opted out of sharing a year ago, but may want to reminisce or share now.


The app is looking more appealing as Google continues to make the app a strong cloud storage option for your photos. The feature is available on iOS via an update in the app store, but it isn’t available on Android just yet. It’s nice to look into the past and see where or what you were doing a year ago. Hopefully the feature will also surface animations and collages which is one of the coolest features on Google Photos.

Google isn’t the first app to borrow timehop core feature of resurfacing photos from a year ago. Facebook has recently started feature old memories for you to see and then to share with all your friends. A lot of users were up in arms when they started surfacing embarrassing and old photos and status from years ago.

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