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YouTube fixes the “301+” views count

YouTube videos that garner the attention of hundreds or really more than 300 people have seen the 301+ views. YouTube did this for a number of reasons but for the most part it was to validate the views on videos to ensure they were from bots and instead all real genuine views. The “301+” views normally only stayed for an hour or two, and then the video would update to the correct view count. Now YouTube will filter the views real time to give content creators a better understand of video engagements and views.

In a chart shared on Twitter, YouTube explains that it freezes views at 301+ to ensure that views are legitimate.


“When a video passed 300 views, we’d freeze the view count while we checked for spam,” YouTube said. “Hence the legend of 301+. After a few hours, we’d update the view count with validated views.”


YouTube still notes that these “sneaky robots” can slip through and then cause the count to not be 100 percent valid. The change, while small, does have a huge impact on the YouTube community. The community has not only gripped about the count but has become a joke around the site.

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