Destiny news… again..

Hello everyone and welcome to Digital Bounds! Today I will be covering some news in the gaming community. More specifically, Destiny news and updates. Bungie is constantly working on something new for the game and they are always coming out with something to keep the game on the charts.

You may have heard about the new DLC The Taken King set to release. The dlc is practically a new game and it comes at a new game price.. It’s priced at $40, or twice as much as past DLC packs. Buying the expansion at launch will earn you a Sparrow, armor shader and Year 1 Emblem. Bungie is also bundling The Taken King and the other expansions with Destiny for a new “Legendary Edition” of the game.

There’s always something new with the game Destiny. You may have been following Destiny like Leon and I since day one and have been in the scene for a whole year now or Year One as they say. Since it came out a lot has been added, removed, and improved. The studio revealed that a Taken War is set to take place to push the storyline further on all platforms.  The new theme is set to take place on a massive spaceship. The Taken King releases September 15th. What are your guy’s thoughts about the new DLC? Are you planning to buy it? We sure are looking forward to getting it ourselves. Here is the DLC Trailer:


Last in Destiny news, the game has a bit of a recast coming up in the game’s next chapter. Bungie is getting rid of Peter Dinklage, voice of Ghost, and replacing him with Nolan North. Nolan is best known for his voice of Nathan Drake in. Uncharted.Well that’s all for Destiny news. I’m sure they will come out with something new tomorrow or later today and we will cover it. Let us know what you think below in the comments. Interact with us on Twitter with the hashtag #digitalbounds


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