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Amazon Prime changes rules on sharing Prime

Amazon has changed its policy on sharing Amazon Prime with others. The serviced allowed you to share Prime with 4 others, but has changed it to one adult and four children. The change is small but pushes more people to spring for Prime as it extends it offerings in music, tv, movies, and more.

The change happened August 1st, and the old sharing is now apart of the household sharing. Amazon Household lets users share Prime Video access with one other adult in their house and up to four children. Adults or children get free two-day shipping, access to Prime Instant Video and access to the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library.

This change is great if you live together or married, but because you have to authorize the other person’s Amazon account you’ll see each others payment information. This will make it a little less appealing to share your Prime services with someone you don’t trust knowing your credit card or bank account information.

Engadget says this isn’t “retroactive,” which means if you’ve already shared your benefits with someone the changes won’t affect you. Amazon didn’t mention how long this grandfather plan would last but most likely the next time you renew Amazon may suggest you update household sharing.

Netflix has had problems with people sharing accounts, but has capitalized on charging more for extra streams and having multiple profiles on one account. We all know that everyone is sharing their moms or dads HBO account password with everyone and everyone. These online services are trying to squeeze out more subscribers as the services try to offer not only more but also charge more for better content.

Tell us what you think about Amazon changing the policy on sharing your Amazon Prime account with others in the comments below.

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