Facebook Lollapalooza feed wants to show live events

Live events have become the epicentre of conversation with Snapchat and Twitter leading the pack. In time for Lollapoloza Facebook rolled out a live event feature, which curates public pictures, status updates, and videos from the Chicago based music event. This is similar to how Snapchat’s live stories crowdsource snaps from an event and creates a unique and expiring story from the event.

This new sourced live event uses the newly released place and tips tools. Place Tips is designed to surface helpful information and live updates near your location right in your News Feed. Lollapalooza is the first event in Place Tips that users can view remotely, according to The Wall Street Journal.

This is only a test of Facebook’s live events but they could roll out more as ACL, SXSW, CES, and other events are all happening in the not so distant future. This is all apart of the growing trend of behind the scenes look of events, and the increase usage of grouping live events together beyond just hashtags. Twitter has project lightening which is going to group tweets together based on events, instead of just hashtags or based on location.

Tell us in the comments below what you think about Facebook’s first test of this new live feature!


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