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Amazon Dash buttons are available for purchase on Amazon



Amazon is already the largest online retailer, and they have done this through making it easy to buy everything from groceries to video games on the site. The site sports a one-click button, which when pressed it instantly purchases the item without any other questions or input. Now Amazon is selling the Dash button. A physical button that instantly purchases an item that’s been tied to the button. These items range from Huggies diapers to Kraft Mac’n Cheese, and these buttons are only limited releases.
Tide Dash Button


“Dash Button comes with a reusable adhesive and a hook so you can hang, stick, or place it right where you need it,” Amazon explained back in March. “Keep Dash Button handy in the kitchen, bath, laundry, or anywhere you store your favorite products. When you’re running low, simply press Dash Button, and Amazon quickly deliver household favorites so you can skip the last-minute trip to the store.”

The button will simplify your life, and prevent you from having to search Amazon when you run out a product your often buy. The buttons are $5 if you’re an Amazon Prime member, and will of course help you spend more money on the site. It’s the easiest and quickest way to buy something on Amazon. The other choice is to subscribe and save, meaning you subscribe and get the product monthly, weekly, or bi-monthly.

The dangers the internet have brought up is if your child presses the button 10 times will you get 10 boxes of Mac’n Cheese. The answers, no, Amazon won’t ship you more of a product until the other products already arrive at your doorstep. The idea is novel, and yet super exciting. I wouldn’t mind having buttons all over my kitchen, laundry room, or bathroom if it meant that I could easily order commonly used products.

Tell us in the comments below what you think about the Amazon Dash button and if you’ll be picking a few up from in the coming months!