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Meerkat now lets you stream with your GoPro

Meerkat continues to push against Periscopes growth and dominance in the streaming arena. Streams on Meerkat are about to get a lot more exciting with help from GoPro.

Select GoPro’s will now be able to stream directly to the live streaming app. Meerkat’s update will support live streaming from GoPro’s Hero 3 and Hero 4 cameras. This marks a change for the streaming networks which have been limited to the front or rear camera on your phone. Periscope could soon start supporting GoPro streams or other third party cameras if they want stay ahead of Meerkat.

GoPro 3 users can start live streaming through the app now by pairing their camera to their phone, launching Meerkat and shaking their device, which will bring up the prompt to begin a live stream from their camera.

I’m excited to see what live streams are broadcasted on the service from extreme sports to more action packed videos. While Meerkat broke out during SXSW, Periscope took the hype away when it launched with better Twitter integration and better video quality. Meerkat in the recent weeks pushed updates out that keep the service interesting and makes consumers wanting to use them over Periscope.

Tell us in the comments below what you think about Meerkat supporting GoPro cameras to stream directly on the service!