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Hulu may intro an ad free streaming plan soon

The biggest grip about Hulu (previously known as Hulu Plus) is having to pay and still getting ads served to you during your favorite shows. According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, Hulu is exploring the option of introducing a higher tier ad free plan for users. The plan will run anywhere from $12 to $14 compared to the current plan that is $7.99 a month and includes close to 2 or 3 ads during ad breaks.

Hulu is owned by a mix of traditional media companies including Fox, Disney and Comcast, and these companies are used to serving ads even when you pay for cable television. However with stiff competition from ad free alternatives like Netflix and Amazon Prime may be too much to not offer an ad free option.

The higher price may appeal to some who hate paying for Hulu and still see dozens of ads during their favorite tv shows. The lower price tier will hopefully continue to be offered and not go up in price anytime soon. If Hulu could gain more subscribers it could leverage the users for more next day content from tv networks that have resisted the online service.

While this is still in the negotiation phase and could fall apart at any moment the idea is good news for anyone who hates ads. Tell us what you think about a higher ad free tier, and tell us if you’d subscribe to this ad free plan in the comments below!.