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YouTube Star Casey Neistat releases an app, Beme

Casey Neistat, YouTube star and founder of Beme, wants users to stop creating curated personalities online and focus on what they are doing. Beme, pronounced “beam,” will let users share authentic photos from the app without editing, or picking the perfect photo. Instead of pressing a record button, just bring the phone to your chest, and Beme will do the work for you.

“We wanted you to keep staring at the sunset,” said Casey Neistat. “We wanted you to keep watching the rock concert, while still letting you share.”

The app uses the phones proximity to start a 4 second video clip that will be posted to your group of friends. When you watch a friend’s Beme, you can send an instant reaction in the form of a selfie.  Once you sign up which is invite only, you can add friends, or you can add complete strangers. The app will show you a randomized list of “interesting” people to follow, people from all around the world.

The app which is invite only is still fairly confusing even with the simple idea. It’s hard find different beme’s let alone find someone with an invite. The coolest feature is sending a reaction right away through a selfie as you watch someone’s beme.

Beme is currently available for iOS and everyone needs an invite that they can get from a friend who already signed up. Tell us in the comments below what you think about Beme and the idea around the app.

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