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Amazon’s Birthday = Internet’s Worst Day

In one of the Internet’s biggest letdowns, Amazon’s “Prime Day” is sure to imprint itself into the virtual history books. For about a whole month, Amazon poured immense resources into marketing and advertising for Amazon’s 20th birthday celebration and what was supposed to be a slam dunk of a day for Prime members .

Exhibit A of disappointment

With the promise of outdoing  El Negro Viernes, it was official: Prime Day would be a special thing for devoted Amazon customers, and nothing could go wrong.

But when customers logged on, they received underwhelming discounts on things they didn’t really want.

Eventually those disenchanted citizens of the net took to the cyber streets of Twitter and trended a hashtag that was sure to ruin any Amazon Employee’s day: #PrimeDayFail

Some showed frustration:

Others made light of their disappointing situation through humor:

While the fact that such a hashtag trended nationally is enough to make any Amazon Exec’s teeth grit, the company doesn’t hold as bad a reputation as say Walmart, who ironically made their own discount day, despite criticizing Amazon for forcing customers to “pay” for access to discounts. While “Prime Day” was a pretty big letdown, a lot of Amazon’s lightning deals sold quickly, and although these wounds may seem fresh there’s always Black Friday-which Phillip reminds us- is so much more fun than waiting up all night for sh*t you don’t wanna buy.