Buy products from retailers Facebook pages

Everyone realizes that ecommerce on the web is one of the most important markets and will continue to grow. It’s important not only because they sell the goods and can get a cut of the money but they learn what they like to buy and can then resell that info to advertisers.  The new shopping feature, first reported by BuzzFeed, will allow retailers to turn their Facebook pages into mini storefronts outside of their main websites.

On mobile, the shopping features will appear in a new “shopping” section on the page, as pictured in the mockup image, below, while on desktop the shopping section will appear as a separate tab on the page in the same area where the Timeline, About, Photos and other tabs are currently located.

The shopping experience will be similar to the one in place for buying ads within Facebook, and should keep the process simple and easy for the customers. Facebook is looking to keep interest in the site as other social networks grow and take away users engagement and time from Facebook. Pinterest recently introduced buy buttons within pins, and has seen major growth and revenue from the buy buttons.

Facebook is wanting to take control of of users money with peer-to-peer money transfers, and now buy buttons. Facebook wouldn’t say when this feature would be more broadly rolled out nor would they comment on what retailers are taking part in the test.

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