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Twitter wants to know your birthday to better serve you ads

Twitter wants to make more money to not only appease its investors but also to grow its social networks size. The site has added the ability to add your birthday on your profile page. You can control who exactly see’s when your big day is from the public, or restrict it to your followers, or to people you follow or just you.


Twitter will also help people remember your birthday by covering your profile page in digital balloons to celebrate. This should have the same effect that it does when Facebook reminds you one of your friends has a birthday and you wish them a happy birthday. While alerting users to your birthday may be a great idea most users don’t go out of their way to go to users profiles, and mainly stay on the timelines or search pages.

Twitter will share your birthday with ad networks to better serve tailor ads to you. The only way to prevent Twitter from serving age based ads is to not fill out your age on the social network, and considering this isn’t a staple of the site it won’t hurt not filling it out. The only thing you’ll miss out on is a few celebration balloons, but other then that it won’t affect the service.

Tell us what you think about Twitter adding the ability to add your birthday to your profile in the comments below!

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