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GoPro Hero4 Sessions is smallest GoPro yet

GoPro announced a new GoPro camera this morning that’s 50% smaller and 40% lighter. The GoPro Hero4 Sessions is a compact cube that’s waterproof without a case, and shoots HD video.

The new GoPro features a one-button system for shooting video and turning off the camera. Simply press the red button on top to turn it on and start recording video. Hit it again to stop recording video and to turn the camera off. The resting mode means longer battery life since the battery in the small device isn’t as large as other GoPro’s. To shoot time-lapse photos simply by holding the bottom for three seconds, or switch to single and burst photo modes using the GoPro app.


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The GoPro Hero4 Sessions starts at $399, which makes it an expensive action camera. Other similarly priced GoPro’s feature LCD screens, higher quality video, and more housing options. The Sessions does have a dual mic which means the audio from the camera won’t be muffled like earlier GoPro’s.

It’s smaller design may appeal to adventurers and athletes who want smaller cameras that don’t get in the way of them experiencing the action. They’ll also be able to put cameras in smaller nooks and crannies than before, which means better angles and better footage. It won’t appeal to the average consumer who wants a GoPro for their occasional trips to the pool, lake, or out on the trail. It will appeal to the person who wants to put their GoPro in new and exciting places.

The camera will go on sale July 12, but in the mean time you can admire pictures and video from GoPro.

Tell us in the comments below what you think about the GoPro Hero4 Sessions and if you’ll pick on up or pass for a different action camera in the comments below!