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Amazon Prime Day wants to be bigger than Black Friday

Amazon is about to turn 20 years old and to celebrate its birthday it’s celebrating with a sells event bigger than Black Friday. The Prime Day sale, which is being promoted on Amazon’s homepage, begins at 12 a.m. PT on July 15 and will push out new deals as quickly as every 10 minutes for 24 hours.

The day is aiming to push users to upgrade to prime, and to promote the ecosystem they are building. Amazon has built their services around Prime with Prime Movies, shipping, Music, and many other services. The day is being billed as being bigger than Black Friday, but will likely require users to have a Prime membership.

You’ll be able to use the free 30 day trial to get deals and free two day shipping. Whether you cancel after the trial or keep it after the day is up to you but the deals could come back year after year which would entice users to keep their subscription.

The deals will span all departments and we’ll have to wait to see what type of deals are included to when they hit. Tell us what you think about the Amazon Prime Day in the comments below!


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