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Snapchat rolls out a big update to its app

Snapchat is changing how you use the app once again, but instead of a new area to watch videos the app has changed how you add friends and watch snaps. The app used to need you to press and hold to view a snap, and if you let your finger off the screen the snap would disappear. Now Snapchat has rolled an update out that will allow you to press and snap and view it without being forced to hold your finger on the screen. The first thought is “screen shots are going to get much easier now.”

Not only will screenshotting become easier but the snaps may feel less personal now that you don’t have to press and hold. Users may passively view snaps if all they have to do is press the snap open. I’ve still been wanting to press and hold on the screen to view snaps, and feel that Snapchat should have a switch to turn on the old method. This small change is a huge change to the core feature of the app which hasn’t changed since it was launched. Yes, the company added Discover, stories, and rearrange the look but you’ve always press and held to view content.

The other part of the update to the app is its new discovery features, and updates to the Snapchat QR code. The new discovery feature is a new “near by” area where you’ll be able to add friends that are near you. The only thing is both people will need to have the “near by” screen open. Snapchat won’t constantly scan or broadcast your screen name to everyone in your vicinity. The Snapchat QR code is also becoming easier to use and more personal. You’ll now be able to add a friend from a the QR even if they aren’t in front of you. You’ll be able to add friends from screenshots of the Snapcodes. The QR codes can now feature selfies of you or your friends right inside of the little ghost logo. This customization will be loved by brands who can distinguish their snapcodes from other brands on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

Tell us what you think about the Snapchat update that is rolling out to Android and iOS users in the comments below!

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