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Facebook Messenger won’t need a Facebook account

Messaging apps have become one of the most important apps that users have become using more and more in recent years. The are searching for a cross-platform solution to communicate with friends, family, and co-workers. Facebook Messenger includes the ability to share money to through the app, play games, and link in with other apps to become a chat platform.  Facebook is now making the app easier to use, even for users who don’t have a Facebook account.

Facebook Messenger

Starting today you’ll be able to use the app with just your name, phone number, and a photo. From there you can chat with friends, but you won’t have the massive network of friends like you would if you had a Facebook account connected. To find friends you’ll have to search for them based on contacts in your phone.

The feature is limited to Canada, the United States, Peru or Venezuela. Facebook appears it wants to merge Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger in the near future. While it may take a few years, it’s still something coming to merge the brands to make Facebook more valuable.

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