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Taylor Swift writes an open letter dissing Apple Music

Taylor Swift has kept her music from Spotify, limited her tracks on Tidal and Rdio, and is now keeping her 1989 album from Apple Music. She’s doing this to stand up for the free trial period during Apple Music where artist won’t get paid for any streams. This 3 month period is also causing tension with some indie labels, but Apple argues it gives a higher percent payout once the trial is over that should compensate for those three months.

Taylor Swift wrote an open letter to Apple and other streaming networks on why she’s keeping her music from their services. She wants those three months paid, not for herself, but for the new songwriter, producer, or artist. Her 1989 album is still on the top charts 8 months after being released, and she isn’t on streaming service.

At first her battle against Spotify, Rdio, and Apple Music looked promising and realistic. Now it looks like she’s fighting against a wall that won’t move, and sooner or later she will have to cave to these big labels and music service making the contracts. Her music may be on top but no other artist can pull their music and still stay on top without the worry of upsetting fans or losing money.

Users who stream with Apple Music and have bought Taylor’s 1989 album won’t notice the music isn’t apart of the streaming service. They’ll keep buying her albums and using Apple Music, and everyone will stay happy. Tell us in the comments below what you think about Taylor’s open letter to Apple Music and other streaming services.

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