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Twitter is making it easier to shop and buy things on its site

Twitter is publicly testing a new feature that would make its easier for brands to sell their products on Twitter through tweets. The new feature is a new page where users can find information on a product or place, and even buy either the product or tickets to the place.

Each page offers images, expanded information, and related tweets to the product. If the product was a book the product page could have the books description, along with an excerpt, images, tweets from the author, and other relevant tweets. HBO has a collection of “fan favorite” Game of Thrones merchandise, while Target offers up a list of swimsuits and summer wear, and Ellen has The Best of Ellen Shop.

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The ploy to sell things on Twitter will encourage brands to interact with users, and entice more holdouts to join the service.  This is only a test for Twitter and could only stay a test or become a core part of the site. The update will be rolling out for iOS and Android to see the new pages, and the web version should be live.

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