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“Fallout Shelter” is Bethesda’s first mobile game

Fallout fans were surprised not only with Fallout 4 trailers, but also a Fallout mobile game name Fallout Shelter. The Fallout Shelter is a mobile game on iOS that mimics Simcity and Tiny Towers. Bethesda Game Studios Executive Director Todd Howard said the game was a small project his team had been tinkering with mentally since the iPhone came out, and it was best designed for touch interfaces.

The game revolves around building a Fallout Shelter by building rooms and training your residents. You’re also able to send your residents out to explore the remains of nuclear-zapped America to find have adventures and find loot. Fallout Shelter is completely free with no in app barriers or purchases like other apps on the store.

“The whole goal of this game was to make a game we would really want to play, something that would make us smile,” he said.

The game is fun, time consuming, and makes you want to play Fallout 4 even more. Tell us what you think about the iOS game in the comments below!

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